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Heat Pump Installation in Charleston, West Virginia

Alternative Versions for Furnaces and Air Conditioners in Charleston, WV

The Best Heat Pumps for the least amount of Money in Charleston, WV

Installation of Heat Pumps for Top Brands in Charleston, WV

Charleston Heating Co. has some of the best heat pumps on the market today. We are authorized dealers for these brands, and our technicians are trained and licensed by the factory and the state to come to your home or business and install your heat pump. The brands we install, maintain, and repair are:

Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating

This heat pump is made in the United States. It provides reliable and high-quality comfort indoors for an affordable price. Goodman is ISO 14001-certified, so it has an international environmental certificate. Goodman is also has an ISO 9001-certification for its quality manufactured and management process.


It is an innovative and reliable brand with efficient and intelligent results from your heat pumps. The system also optimizes and connects with the environment. Contact Charleston Heating Co. to ask about the York heat pumps.


For nearly 100 years, Rheem has been creating heat pump systems. It is the only manufacturer in North America to carry heating, cooling, water heating, and pool/spa heating systems, as well as commercial refrigeration products. Enjoy comfort with a perfect temperature in your home or business in the summer with Rheem products.