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Installation of Air Ducts in Charleston, WV

Hire the Professionals to Install Your Air Ducts in Charleston, WV

Providing You Air Ducts from the best Brands: Rheem, York, & Goodman

It is important to have the right air ducts and devices to provide warm air in the winter and cool air in the summer. Charleston Heating Co. has some of the best brands in the Charleston, West Virginia area. If you need heating systems, cooling systems, or air ducts that will give your home or business the perfect amount of air, call Charleston Heating Co. We will send our expert technicians to install and maintain your systems and air ducts.


A heating and cooling system retailer for close to 100 years, this brand is one of the best in North America. It is the only manufacturer to create heating, cooling, water heating, pool/spa heating, and commercial refrigeration products. Enjoy a new degree of comfort with cool air in the summer and warm air in the winter.


This is an innovative and reliable brand. It provides efficient and intelligent results in your home or business. The company’s systems even optimize and connect to the environment they are installed in.

Goodman Air Conditioning & Heating

Heating and cooling products that are reliable and made in the USA.. The products are high quality, and the affordable systems provide comfort indoors. Goodman is ISO 14001 and ISO 9001- certified, meaning it is a trustworthy brand that is environmentally friendly.

Keep Dirty Air From Harming Those Around You in Charleston, WV

Call Charleston Heating Co. to come and repair the air ducts in your home or business. Air ducts need to be cleaned regularly because of the dirt and debris that can build up. Keep dirty air from harming you, your family, your clients, and your co-workers by having Charleston Heating Co. come to repair your broken air ducts. Filthy air is bad for your health. Broken air ducts send bacteria, viruses, and pathogens through the system that can enter the lungs and irritate sensitive tissue. The irritated tissue can lead to or aggravate existing health problems like asthma, chronic illness, heart disease, and strokes. Our expert technicians are able to come into your home or business with the equipment needed to fix any make and model of air ducts that you have.